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Canon PIXMA MG3150
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Our Score:



  • Easy PhotoPrint Mobile printing
  • Good plain and photo prints
  • Neat look when closed


  • Very slow duplex prints
  • Awkward display codes
  • Pauses during colour print

Key Features

  • Wireless connection with WPS setup
  • Duplex print as standard
  • Faster print than PIXMA MG2150
  • Good software bundle
  • Front paper tray and cartridge access
  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Review Price: £49.00

We recently reviewed Canon’s PIXMA MG2150, a budget all-in-one which we thought was a fair home printer for the money. That money was around £42. For roughly £7 more, you can have the PIXMA MG3150. This machine betters the MG2150 by having a faster print speed, duplex print, wireless support and mobile printing as standard.

Like the PIXMA MG2150, the PIXMA MG3150 is a big, shiny, black box with a flatbed scanner built into its top and a front panel cover which folds down and forms a 100-sheet paper tray. The output tray folds down and telescopes out from within the front of the machine. This would be quite neat, except that printed pages are too long for the telescopic output tray. To stop them falling on the floor, the paper tray has a swivelling extension, which catches them and a flip-up paper tab, which stops them. All a bit convoluted.

Canon PIXMA MG3150

At the back is a single USB socket, but the better choice is wireless. This is designed to be simple to set up through WPS, but with only a single, seven-segment LED display on the printer, you have to follow instructions on your computer’s screen to make the connection, which complicates things. The rest of the control panel is adequate to its task, though.

Canon PIXMA MG3150 - Controls

There are just two ink cartridges to fit, one black and the other tri-colour, and they slide in horizontally behind an internal, flip-down cover, which isn’t as easy as dropping them into place. Other software includes Canon’s MP Navigator and Easy-PhotoPrint.

Easy-PhotoPrint includes mobile printing, which enables you to print from an Android device or iPhone without having to install drivers. You do have to download and install an app on your phone, but it gives you more control over prints than either HP’s ePrint or Google Cloud Print. You can specify the size of the print and the number of copies, for example. It’s a wireless-based app, not a remote print facility, but is of more general use.


January 2, 2013, 10:00 am

Quite the noisiest printer I have used........excessively noisy.

Joshua David UK

February 12, 2013, 4:24 pm

Hi..Does it have double sided printing?

graham taylor

February 19, 2013, 2:25 pm

can I set up not useing cd rom as my computer has no where to insert it

Nick George

February 25, 2013, 4:58 pm

Yes ... that is what reviewer means by "duplex peovision". It works though it is slow, albeit not cripplingly so.


February 26, 2013, 6:54 pm

printing too red can this be altered ?


March 13, 2013, 9:19 am

Good value for money, (I paid less than €50), ink is dear and pattern inks are not readable for fill, however they work OK. Wireless worked without problem and runs from 2 computers.
Knocks tons off of crappy HP, we had 3 in 6 months and none worked cost more in ink waste than the canon in over 1 year including purchase and inks.
Really go for this if you want a cheap machine. You can almost afford to throw it away if the machine fails. But DO look around for price. Loads of places sell below €50 but there are some trying to sell at almost double or even more!


March 13, 2013, 9:20 am

You will have to get a plug in cd player

Lorraine Patrick

March 19, 2013, 10:57 pm

I have found this too and so far can't find a solution which is disappointing as I expected half decent quality from Canon


April 3, 2013, 4:47 pm

Cant see to connect my printer to my windows 8 laptop


August 8, 2013, 9:36 am

Does anyone have any feedback on scanning. I'm trying to cut back on paper docs cluttering my home office so will be scanning 3-4000pages immediately then hope to scan 10-15 items per month. The talk and reviews seem to be about printing mainlty.

Sheelagh Hanly

October 2, 2013, 5:14 pm

I just bout this printer in Tesco and it cost me 64 Euro! Obviously I paid too much for it. However I have it now and cant get it to work. I'm not a very technical person but when I plugged it in there is a yellowish light (paper light) without actually switching the on button. When I press the on button it does nothing. I haven't yet succeeded in installing it as I cant get the ink cartridges in - I expected that the place where the cartridges go would move to position but they are at the side with no movement. When I push down the case to put the cartridge in, there isn't enough room! Any help? shouldn't there be some noise from the printer when turned on?


November 16, 2013, 2:43 pm

Purchased one from PC World early November '13 ..Easy to set up and install. However it prints a greyscale screaming red and needs an over ride of -25R to produce acceptable neutrals throughout the scale. I note others have experienced this also.

Not had this problem with any other printers (2 Epson and 1 HP Desk Jet).

Maybe this is a common fault!

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