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Canon has always had competitive high-end camcorders, but the LEGRIA HF G10 is a bit of a departure even in this context. Using a professional-grade sensor, the G10 offers close to the best overall image quality we've seen in a consumer-grade camcorder, and its low light performance is without equal. There's also a lens ring and assignable dial providing rapid access to a comprehensive set of manual controls. Only the proprietary Canon accessory shoe and high price preclude this from being the best consumer-grade camcorder on the market.

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July 20, 2012, 7:23 pm

Indeed the grounds and statements you mention in this review also where mine when I bought this Canon Legria HF G10 in October 2011 . But I have experienced all that time a kind of artefact I don't like and that is not appearing in your review. It's a kind of "striping" that shows clearly when panning with the camera. Maybe I pan to fast. Therefore I have included a link in this comment, so you can judge by yourself: The fragment has been filmed in HD-quality.

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