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Canon IXUS 115 HS - Test shots: ISO performance

By Gavin Stoker


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A selection of images taken at the camera's incremental light sensitivity settings, using only available daylight. The IXUS 115 HS ISO range just like that of the 220 HS is modest and straightforward, starting out at ISO100 and working its way up to ISO3200, though Canon does throw in an additional Low Light shooting mode for fully auto snapping, the caveat being a resolution drop to three megapixels. Let's see how well the Canon copes...



With the camera's Auto ISO setting aptly choosing the lowest manually selectable option of ISO100, the shot is amazingly clear and crisp for a budget snapper and there's no noise to report in shadow areas.


Same lack of noise to report at ISO200 thanks to a nigh identical result.


We're at ISO400, usually the setting at which noise begins to creep in on cheaper compacts. While we're not seeing noise, the shot is ever so slightly softer than the preceding two settings.


The same test subject at ISO800, and overall the image is still fairly clean if we're slightly losing edge definition on close inspection.


Slightly softer again when it comes to detail examining our test image under close scrutiny at ISO1600. But again most would be hard pressed to spot any deterioration when viewing the full frame.


A marginally grittier and the same time softer image at ISO3200 but not a pronounced jump in terms of degradation over ISO1600. Overall the Canon 115 HS has performed very respectably in this task, giving a near identical showing to the slightly more expensive 220 HS and 310 HS siblings.


...And so we've tried shooting our test image with Low Light mode selected, which effects an image drop to three megapixels. Here the camera has itself chosen a setting which equates to ISO400, so again, no apparent noise, but we are getting a pixellated effect when cropping in to the same degree as the shots above.


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