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Review Price £618.00

ISO 100

At ISO 100 no image noise is visible.

ISO 200

ISO 200 and again, no image noise is visible.

ISO 400

Even at ISO 400 images remain clear and sharp. A little noise has begun to creep in, but it’s still nothing to worry about.

ISO 800

A little noise has begun to creep in, but it’s still nothing to worry about.

ISO 1600

A small amount of detail is being lost to noise now, but the image remains perfectly usable at ISO 1600.

ISO 3200

At ISO 3200 a little more fine detail has been lost, but the image still remains impressively sharp.

ISO 6400

AT ISO 6400 noise is more noticeable now, even at lower image sizes, but the overall image is far from being a disaster.

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April 20, 2011, 5:54 pm

I see you mention the Sony A580. Do you have any plans to review this model?

Available for between £150 and £200 less than the 600d, it is a very tempting proposition and it offers arguably better image quality, has class leading live view and in-body stabilisation.


April 28, 2011, 10:11 am

The Canon D60 is a decent option for existing Canon DSLR users to upgrade to, but it is seriously falling behind the other competitors at the inter-changeable lens camera markets; as we can see that the latest Nikon D5100 and Nikon D7000 can both can outperform most of the Canon cameras in term of ISO performance, color depth, and dynamic range.
According to the DXO site, even Sony's A580 can outperform the Canon D60.
Canon presumes their customers will be easily satisfied with modest new features and derelict efforts to increase camera performances; their marketing strategy had clearly misjudged their opponents' abilities to make better cameras at a lower price.

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