Canon EOS 1100D video review

Audley Jarvis



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The EOS 1100D is a competent entry-level DSLR that currently offers the cheapest way into the Canon DSLR system. Fairly easy to use and able to produce consistently good image quality there isn't much that's inherently wrong with the 1100D. Yes, the shiny plastic finish doesn't score highly in the style stakes and the small, low-resolution LCD monitor isn't much of a selling point either, however the camera itself remains solid enough. If you're a firs-time DSLR buyer and really want to get on board with Canon then it may well be worth saving up a bit more and lavishing it on the 550D - it might be a year older, but for the extra £100 or so, it's also quite a bit more camera. If your budget can't stretch that far then the 1000D remains a decent enough camera to learn the ropes with.

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