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Caon EOS 1100D - Sample Images: ISO Performance

Audley Jarvis

By Audley Jarvis



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Canon EOS 1100D iso 100

At ISO 100 the image is sharp and noise free

Canon EOS 1100D iso 200

At ISO 200 the image is also sharp and noise free

Canon EOS 1100D iso 400

ISO 400 does a similarly good job of controlling any noise, although its just about possible, at 100% to see some softening in shadow areas (to the right of the robot's head)

Canon EOS 1100D iso 800

At ISO 800 image quality, sharpness and detail are still all holding up very well

Canon EOS 1100D iso 1600

By ISO 1600 there's no doubt that noise intrusion has begun to eat into detail in shadow areas, although overall the image is still perfectly usable

Canon EOS 1100D iso 3200

By ISO 3200 there is quite a bit of softening as noise becomes more prevalent

Canon EOS 1100D iso 6400

At the top sensitivity setting of ISO 6400 the image is noticeably affected by noise, even when viewed at less than 100%


July 22, 2011, 4:56 am

"The cheap-as-chips Sony A290 (£350). What is surprising, though, is that only a couple of years ago you could get an entry level DSLR for under £300. Even accounting for inflation, it's a bit of a shame that downward trend hasn't continued."
Jessops sell the A290 + kit 18-55mm for £290 ...

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