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Canon’s latest DSLR – the EOS-100D – arrives with the headline-grabbing claim of being the world’s smallest DSLR. In real terms, the 100D measures in at around 25% smaller than Canon’s perennially popular triple-digit range of entry-level and mid-range enthusiast DSLRs.

canon 100D

We've managed to get our hands on a pre-production unit ahead of the announcement today, complete with the EF 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens. With these two paired together it’s instantly apparent just how small the 100D really is – especially when compared to other DSLRs. In fact, its size is much more comparable to a CSC, or even Canon’s PowerShot SX50 HS bridge camera. When you switch lenses to the regular 18-55mm kit lens that comes bundled with the full-sized EOS-1100D and EOS-650D DSLR models the size saving is less pronounced, however it still represents a neat package.

Canon 100D -Video Preview

Canon 100D - Design

Despite the Canon 100D's diminutive proportions, Canon has managed to maintain all of the key elements of a regular size Canon DSLR, namely the optical viewfinder and EF-S lens mount. It’s achieved this trick by completely redesigning many of the internal workings of the camera with a view towards miniaturisation. The modifications include a smaller battery, smaller shutter unit and denser component layout that reduces the overall size of the component board.

canon 100D 1

Although the camera has been shrunk with regards to size, it retains a lot of the design features of the Canon’s other triple digit DSLR range. There have been some modifications though, and these are most acutely felt in the area of the handgrip – the EOS 100D's grip is much shallower than on other Canon DSLRs. While you do miss the extra security of the larger grip, the 100D still feels secure enough to get a good hold of the camera with.

canon 100D 2

Furthermore the Canon EOS 100D doesn't skimp on features either, and even gets the same capacitive touchscreen that was introduced with the 650D (making it the world's first DSLR to offer touch-screen control). As a result the Canon 100D offers the same pleasing level of performance and user control while shooting. In Playback mode, captured images can be viewed using pinch-and-zoom and swipe gestures in a manner that will be instantly familiar to smartphone users, while the image quality on the screen itself is also impressive.

The fact that the 100D retains the optical viewfinder (as opposed to an electronic viewfinder) is an undoubted benefit too, with the optical viewfinder itself offering a pleasingly clear and uninterrupted view for composing images.canon 100D 3

canon 100D 4

canon 100D 5

First Impressions

As a mini EOS DSLR, the EOS 100D is bound to gain a lot of fans right off the bat. It’s priced to sit between the EOS 1100D and the 600D in Canon’s line-up, and as such sees Canon offering more choice then ever for the entry-level user. However, the 100D will find itself up against some stiff competition in the form of several impressive CSCs, although the benefits of DSLR technology – especially with regards to the optical viewfinder – should see it compete keenly. We look forward to getting our hands on a review sample for a full, in-depth review nearer the launch date.

Lee Martin

March 21, 2013, 7:14 pm

If you thought the Eos M was a sales flop, stand back and watch this dive. The likes of Sony and Fuji must be so pleased that they are being presented with no competition whatsoever. I am a Canon user and fan, and have 2 SLR bodies and assorted lenses, including several "L",but I have been utterly disappointed by their latest offerings. Sony will launch a full frame NEX within months I would suggest ,that will take their current lenses, and have shown what their research and development team are capable of, with the brilliant RX1. Fuji already have the X Pro 1. Canon have produced utter mediocrity yet again. For gods sake Canon, look long and hard at your competitors, and produce something with some flare and style, this I another bland box. Pick up a Fuji X100, look at the size of the market for something with thought having gone into it. Something like the Fuji X Pro that will take existing lenses. These last few Canon releases will be half price by Christmas 2013, buy if you must with caution.


March 23, 2013, 7:16 am

Canon 100D gives the DSLR lovers the chance to shoot decent pictures with a smaller body. That's great as long as the large size lenses are not needed. That's where the M4/3 wins the battle.


March 23, 2013, 11:12 am

Hm, I think this will be a success, as it gives beginners or people needing smaller bodies the features of a dslr in the size of a mirrorless. I find it evolutionary.

louie zamora

April 27, 2013, 10:47 am

I just saw this camera in a store here in Seoul...nope I won't be buying this small gadget...too small for my hand..I will stick with my Canon 600D

Stan Groom

May 25, 2013, 11:30 pm

Have you used a NEX as a substitute for an SLR ? To me it just doesn't handle comfortably unless you have got dwarf's hands they are so difficult to handle , i know having bought one it soon went back for another SLR, the specs are excellent and the shots are good but the handling is abysmal.If they are so good why do you never see the magazine photographers pictures like AP being credited with them. They invariably use a SLR.

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