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Cambridge Audio Minx S315


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Each Min 10 satellite uses a single 2.25in Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver that use similar ‘bending wave’ methods to flat-panel speakers, alongside traditional ‘pistonic’ speaker movement. This is said to provide a wider frequency response than rival compact speakers, while its broader sonic dispersion avoids the ‘sweet spot’ phenomenon. The satellites achieve a frequency response of 140Hz to 20kHz.

Cambridge Audio Minx S315

The X300 subwoofer is also full of tricks. It features a 300W digital amplifier, a digital signal processor and two drivers – a forward-firing 8in woofer and an 8in Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) that lends extra punch to the low frequencies.

On its rear panel is a range of controls that allow you to integrate it with the satellites. There are dials governing volume, phase and crossover frequency, and for the latter Cambridge Audio has helpfully marked where it needs to be for both the Min 10 and larger Min 20 sats. You’ll also find stereo line input and output, a switch that lets you select between ‘Force On’ and ‘Audio Detect’ power modes, and a connection that will support a future wireless module.

Cambridge Audio Minx S315

Setting up the Minx 315 is easy – it’s simply a case of connecting your cables to the robust terminals on the back of each speaker and plugging the relevant cables into the sub. And with all the controls you need on the sub it shouldn’t take much trial and error before you find a satisfactory level. Things get a little more complicated when wall-mounting or attaching stands, but the accessories’ simple design and cable tidy features result in a nice clean look.

Cambridge Audio Minx S315

It’s worth mentioning at this point that there are several different systems in the Minx range, starting from the 2.1 S212 – which includes two Min 10s and an X200 sub – up to the S525, which includes five dual-driver satellites, which look like two Min 10s stacked on top of each other, and the 500W X500 sub. Somewhere in between is the S215, a cheaper version of the S315 which substitutes the X300 sub for the 200W X200 for £100 less.

Cambridge Audio Minx S315

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