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Brother DCP-J140W - Performance and Verdict

By Simon Williams



Our Score:


Brother makes fairly ridiculous print speed claims for the DCP-J140W, of 33ppm for black print and 27ppm for colour. Even though these are for draft print, they are still way higher than you’re likely to see in practice. We measured 4.1ppm for our 5-page black text print and even the longer, 20-page document only produced 4.6ppm. Draft print increased the speed, but still only reached 8.8ppm.

Our 5-page black text and colour graphics test gave 3.5ppm so, all-in-all, print speed claims are fairly out of order, though not that bad in real-world terms, measured against price competitors. A colour copy took a respectable 38s, but 15 x 10cm photos took 3:13 at best quality from a PC and 2:08 from Brother’s Android print app, neither of which is that good.

Brother DCP-J140W - Open

Text print is only fair, with rough edges to characters. Paradoxically, we saw some see-through of paper fibres through character bodies, as well as ink bleed around their edges, giving a fuzzy look. Draft print is very light, though the characters are reasonably well formed and readable, so better than Epson, but not as good as HP.

Brother DCP-J140W - Cartridges

The four cartridges are only available in one set of capacities, which is fairly low at 300 for black and 260 for each of the colours. Using the best prices we could find gives page costs of 5.9p for ISO black and 12.4p for ISO colour, each including 0.7p for paper. These costs are both high, even when compared to other printers in the same price bracket. HP’s Photosmart 5510, for example, offers 2.9p for black and 7.3p for colour, under the same calculation.


Brother’s DCP-J140W is a serviceable little all-in-one, which combines all the essentials for print, copy and scan in an unobtrusive product. The quick and easy mobile print functions are a bonus, though they’re becoming more commonplace. It’s only when you compare it directly to other machines at a similar price, that attributes like missing memory card slots, slow print speed and relatively high running costs reduce its attractiveness.


August 30, 2012, 2:11 pm

The printer is mediocre there are better like Epson ME535, XP202, XP101, and other from Canon or HP is better.
1)Photo printing quality is low you get blueish tint or more reddish, but wonder is there is no Tweak oprion in Control Centre 4 to correct colour balance or anything.
2) While scanning you won't get option to select the area of scannig or to cut it,edit it's alignment.
3) WiFi is not possible connect directly from comp or Phones wifi.
4) ControlCenter 4 is very very Basic.Options you get in machine won't get in connect software CC4. for eg. While scanning you choose next page scanning in
in Machine not in CC4 sotware.
5) Lack of Card reader is one more drwaback.
6) Ordinary paper prints are water soluble.

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