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Breville VTT233



Breville VTT233


Key Features

  • Four slice toaster
  • Defrost function
  • High lift function
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Review Price: £28.00

Breville VTT233

The Breville VTT233 is a four slice toaster, which means you can toast a lot of bread at once so it’s fairly quick to make enough toast to feed a family. This doesn’t make it big and bulky, however, with the device featuring a neat, compact design that makes it small enough to fit into a little kitchen. With the Breville VTT233 you really can have the big capacity without the big appliance with the unit’s attractive design sure to fit in perfectly with a modern, stylish kitchen.

As with most modern toasters, you get features such as a high lift and cancel function. The cancel function means it’s easy to quickly stop your breaded goods cooking if you suddenly get that tell-tale smell of burning, and the high lift makes it really easy to get things out of the toaster when they’ve finished cooking.

There’s a crumb tray, which makes it really easy to clean the Breville VTT233, and a variable width of the slots so it’s possible to cook all sorts of sizes and thicknesses of bread. On top of all this there’s also a defrost function — handy for quickly thawing out frozen bread — and a cool wall function which means the outside of the Breville VTT233 won’t get hot and you won’t risk burning yourself whilst cooking.

A perfectly performing toaster, the Breville VTT233 toasts evenly, even with thick slices of bread whilst the variable width means you can also use it to toast teacakes, bagels or muffins. The only thing that’s a slight downside on the Breville VTT233 is that it takes a while to cook the toast, but it does such a good job toasting bread that it really is worth the wait. The cable could also be a little bit longer.