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Breville VTT132



Breville VTT132


Key Features

  • Two slice toaster
  • Variable width slots
  • High lift function
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Review Price: £24.00

Breville VTT132

Toasters used to just look big, bulky and practical, but they’re getting prettier and more stylish as time goes on and the Breville VTT132 is a perfect example of this with an aesthetic that makes its look like something straight out of a 50’s American ice-cream parlour. Combining modern features with retro styling, this toaster is available in lots of different colours so that it’ll fit in any kitchen.

Although it looks great, it is quite small with just the two bread slots making its less than suitable for big families — if you all wanted toast at once you’d have to wait for ages for it all to be ready. Then again, if there are only two of you it’s absolutely fine and is the perfect size for a smaller kitchen.

The two slots are of a variable width, so they can fit all thicknesses of bread in. Whether you prefer thin slices, medium slices or thick slices of bread the Breville VTT132 will be able to toast them evenly. The variable width also means you can toast things like teacakes, scones and bagels, which is a nice addition and one that goes someway to making up for the fact that the slots aren’t deep enough to fit large slices of bread no matter what their thickness.

It’s easy to get these bagels and teacakes out of the Breville VTT132 because of the high lift function. Extra functions include the reheat function, so you never have to suffer the horror of cold toast again, a cancel function for if you need to abruptly stop the bread from being toasted and a defrost function so you can immediately get bread for sandwiches even if you like to freeze all of your bread.

The Breville VTT132 toasts really quickly, and the crumb tray makes it easy to clean. It toasts so well that you don’t have to use a low settings, and bread burns on higher settings. It takes a while to get the settings right.