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Breville VKJ142



Breville VKJ142


Key Features

  • 1.2 litre capacity
  • Modern style kettle
  • 3000W of power
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Review Price: £45.00

Breville VKJ142

The Breville VKJ142 is a modern style kettle which, unlike traditional jug style kettles, doesn’t require you to keep filling up a jug of water that will heat up completely in order to make a hot drink. Instead you just put a cup underneath the spout on the Breville VKJ142 and press a button, allowing the machine to boil and dispense just enough water for your needs.

There are lots of benefits to modern kettles like this. For one thing, it’s really quick to get a cuppa as you don’t have to wait for a whole jug full of water to boil. For another, it’s much easier — you just place the cup underneath the spout and press a button. It’s also really good for the eco-conscious or those who want to save a little money on electricity bills as you don’t have to waste money boiling water that you’re not going to use.

But with the benefits come the downsides. With a modern style kettle it’s difficult to fill a saucepan or make multiple drinks at once because you have to wait for each individual cup of boiling water to fill. You also can’t fill teapots, so if you like your tea from a pot another model is probably better.

Whilst it’s convenient for those who only use their kettles for drinks, if you use your kettle to cook with then modern kettles aren’t great. It also doesn’t get the water really boiling hot and you can’t vary the amount of water dispensed so sometimes water might pour out over the counter.

Although the Breville VKJ142 has a 1.2 litre capacity, small for a modern kettle, the 3000 watts of power means the water in this nice and compact unit boils really quickly.