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Breville Spectra VKJ271



Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum


Key Features

  • 1.7 litre capacity
  • 360 degree base
  • 3000W of power
  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Review Price: £70.00

Breville Spectra VKJ271

The Breville Spectra VKJ271 is a traditional, jug style kettle with a 1.7 litre capacity. Although this isn’t huge for a kettle it’s not particularly small either and should see the VKJ271 mange the needs of the average person or family — it’ll make a large round of hot drinks and you’d be able to use it to fill saucepans up with boiling water easily.

The cordless design means that you can heat the kettle up and then take the boiling water wherever you need it without the worry of burning yourself whilst the 360 degree base is also nice and easy to use — just drop the kettle on the base, not worrying about fitting it snugly in its exact spot.

With 3000 watts of power, the Breville Spectra VKJ271 is a fairly powerful appliance. It certainly boils nice and quickly with no waiting around for hot water. On top of this the Breville Spectra VKJ271 isn’t that heavy, even when it’s full of water, which makes it ideal for the elderly or those who are more frail.

With a gorgeous finish, a shiny silver style is complemented by an array of colourful flashing lights that indicate when the water is boiling. Although the capacity is large you can boil it with a small amount of water if you only want one cup of tea, a feature which makes the device both economical and energy efficient as you don’t have to waste money on boiling water that you’re not going to use.

Although the Breville Spectra VKJ271 is expensive, the flashing colours and nice styling add an air of cheeriness to what is a well functioning kettle. The only problems are small and more awkward points than real issues, such as the fact that it’s a little bit difficult to fill up and it has been reported to be a tiny bit noisy. As an everyday kettle that’s a little bit special, the Breville Spectra VKJ271 is great.