Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum


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Review Price £70.00

Key Features: 360 degree base; 1 litre capacity; Brita filtered water

Manufacturer: Breville

Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum

One of the more attractive kettles on the market, the Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum features a clear jug rather than a plastic one with coloured lights illuminating the device when turned on. This gorgeous finish is also functional with the clear body allowing for simple assessments of the kettle’s contents.

A traditional jug model that is also cordless, the Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum is easy to transport around the house and is useful for those times you need to fill the saucepan up on the other side of the kitchen to the power socket. The Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum also has a 360 degree base, so you don’t have to mess around sitting it perfectly into a fiddly dock — you can just drop it on and there you go.

Like many kettles the Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum has an auto shut-off function that will automatically switch the kettle off when the water inside is boiled. On top of this, boiling dry protection also features ensuring that when the water has all gone the Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum cannot be used. Not all kettles have this protection but it’s good as it prevents damage happening to the kettle if it gets accidentally turned on.

With a 1 litre capacity the Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum’s Brita credentials ensure water is all nicely filtered — perfect for if you live in a hard water area. This does mean the capacity suffers though, as most modern kettles can hold way more than a mere litre of water. It also takes a while for the water to run through the filter. However, the 3000 watts of power in the Breville Brita VKJ097 Spectrum means that the water boils very quickly.