Bose Solo Deals

By Danny Phillips



December 27, 2016, 2:26 am

We have a Bose Wave sound system at home and another Bose Wave radio in the dining/kitchen area. Had them for a few years now. They've been awesome.The remote battery for the second unit needed replacement and someone put it (battery) in upside down. I was unable to pull it out and certainly wasn't going to force it.
After calling their Anthem outlet factory store in advance and telling them the problem, Ryan asked me to bring it in and they'd replace it. A guy by the name of BK helped me out since Ryan had just left. He bend over backwards to rectify the issue and sent me home with a brand new remote, no charge of course.
I'm so satisfied I'd like to give them not only a 5 star rating but the Sun and the Moon as well, the Supermoon! They go the extra mile for me and I reciprocate right back at them. That's how it works! Cheers!

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