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Bosch WTE84309



Bosch WTE84309


Key Features

  • B Class energy efficiency rating
  • 8kg drum capacity
  • Super Quick 40 cycle
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £399.00

Bosch WTE84309

The Bosch WTE84309 has an 8kg capacity, which is really quite big for a tumble dryer nowadays. If you’re upgrading from an older model you’ll definitely notice the difference, but even if you just fancy buying a new tumble dryer you’ll be able to do fewer loads and therefore save yourself the time and energy that goes with doing the washing.

Featuring a B Class energy efficiency rating, which is fairly good for a tumble dryer of that size, whilst Bosch WTE84309 does not sport an A-grade energy efficiency rating that would make it really eco-friendly it’s not going to eat away at the electricity meter and therefore give you enormous bills at the end of the month. The fact it’s so big should make up for the average efficiency rating, though, as less washes means less energy usage.

There are several different programmes on the Bosch WTE84309, as well as the three different drying levels. If you need your clothes dry in a hurry you can use the Super Quick 40 setting to do so. There’s a special setting for sportswear, too, and a Reduced Ironing function that should cut back on your time in front of the ironing board.

Or, if you wanted, you could just set it to sense when the washing inside the Bosch WTE84309 is dry. Using this setting you won’t waste any time or energy as the Bosch WTE84309 will just monitor moisture, figure out the clothes are dry and stop working. It’s a really handy feature.

On the front of the Bosch WTE84309 is a display which will tell you how long the drying cycles have remaining. It’s quiet, so you won’t have to set it only during times you need to hear the TV, and as a dryer it works really well. The only bad thing about it is that the door is a little bit narrow and you have to empty the condensed water, but really it’s an excellent appliance.