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Bosch WAQ28460GB



Bosch WAQ28460GB


Key Features

  • 7kg drum capacity
  • A*** energy efficiency rating
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: free/subscription

Bosch WAQ28460GB

Quiet and energy efficient, the Bosch WAQ28460GB is a good all-round washing machine. It has a decent sized 7kg, New Wave plastic drum that should allow you to clean fairly large loads of washing — if you’re moving from an older machine you’ll really notice the difference here. The maximum spin speed is 1400 revolutions per minute, which isn’t bad considering the size of the drum, but it’s not a particularly powerful one and you might have to set an extra spin at the end of the cycle to get your clothes dry.

It’s also very eco friendly. Its energy efficiency rating is an impressive A*** with ActiveWater features meaning you only have to use 6 litres of water per kilogram of washing to get your clothes clean. On top of this, there’s also EcoPerfect settings to choose from to make the machine even more efficient and the clothes still get fantastically clean. In fact, good cleaning on adapted cycles is a bit of a theme with the Bosch WAQ28460GB — even on the quick washes clothes come out stain-free.

The Bosch WAQ28460GB is also very convenient and makes washing easy and fuss free. The large porthole door makes getting washing in and out a breeze and the dispenser is self-cleaning. The AntiVibration panels and sound package mean that it runs almost silently, so you don’t have to worry about it waking anyone up if you set the time delay to put a wash on late at night.

The cycles of the Bosch WAQ28460GB are also very handy. Whilst it is possible to reduce creasing to your clothes by selecting the Reduced Ironing setting, further features mean you can set it for a Mixed Load or a Dark Wash, wash specifically to care for Sensitive skin and take advantage of a Reload function. You can set the cycles to run faster using SpeedPerfect, but the quickest wash actually takes just 15 minutes, and shorten wash programmes if you only have a half load.

Basically, there are really good options on the Bosch WAQ28460GB to save energy, speed and ironing time. It’s also really easy to choose between these options — which is good, because the manual is really quite confusing.