Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB


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Review Price £40.00

Key Features: 1.7 litre capacity; 360 degree base; 3100W of power

Manufacturer: Bosch

Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB

The Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB is a very modern jug kettle with a sleek, shiny and smooth finish and a raft of functions and special features that see the device standout as a high-tech offering that justifies the fairly hefty price tag.

A cordless kettle, the Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB can be easily moved across the room from your hob when you need to pour boiling water into a saucepan, whilst boiling dry protection ensure the device is protected if it accidentally gets set to boil when there’s no water in it. With an anticalc filter, the Bosch kettle also boasts a 360 degree base so you don’t have to fiddle about getting the kettle to sit exactly in the right place. A water level display window on both sides of the unit show how much water there is inside.

The jug kettle has a 1.7 litre capacity, which should be more than enough to make a round of tea for everyone. Beware though — when fully filled it can be quite heavy, so unless you need all of that water it’s probably best to just stick to only putting in what you need. The housing material is metal, there’s a stainless steel interior base, and the Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB has an impressive 3100 watts of power — although this power does make it a bit noisy, it means it boils quickly.

What’s more, the Bosch TWK6831GB / TWK6033VGB / TWK6031GB also features fast boil functionality for when you’re really desperate for that cuppa, and the black and white models have cool touch that won’t have you burning your hands when you pick the kettle up. It’s easy to fill using the spout or the lid on top.