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Bosch TDS25



Bosch TDS25


Key Features

  • Ceramic plate
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • Palladium glissée coat
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £170.00

Bosch TDS25

The Bosch TDS25 has lots of different features that make it good for fitting in around your life and making ironing easy rather than a difficult chore. For example, it has lime-scale prevention that should stop you from having to descale it every few months, and a removable tank that just makes life that little bit easier.

The soleplate is ceramic, which irons beautifully, and it has a gorgeous palladium glissée coat that means the iron glides over clothes easily. The Bosch TDS25 has the capability for high-pressure steam, but you can vary this depending on what you’re ironing and how much steam you need.

You can set it to generate an amazing amount of steam at an amazing pressure on demand, though, which makes ironing really easy and speedy.
Just be aware that all this steam can make the clothes a little damp — that’s not really a criticism though, just watch the amount of steam you use.

It’s easy to clean — you just have to unscrew the plug, swish some water around and empty it — so you won’t have to waste hours trying to get into lots of little fiddly corners. The build quality of the Bosch TDS25 in general is fantastic, actually, as it feels solid and works to a very high standard. The only real design niggle is that it’s very easy to catch the temperature dial whilst ironing. Again, whilst this is a bit awkward it’s not a real problem.

It’s a little bit bigger than a regular iron, so if space is an issue for you then maybe another model would be more suitable. You also need to make sure a water source is close to hand as the water will run out quickly because of the huge amount of steam you use. Overall though the Bosch TDS25 does a sterling job and is an excellent iron.