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Bosch TDA7640GB



Bosch TDA7640GB


Key Features

  • 2750W of power
  • Ceramic plate
  • Vertical steam functions
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £60.00

Bosch TDA7640GB

The Bosch TDA7640GB is called 'premier power' for a reason - it quickly and easily deals with any and all creases.

The TDA7640GB has a brilliant amount of power, at 2750W it gets hot quickly and effortlessly presses all sorts of fabric. The soleplate is ceramic to make for a very smooth glide, and is scratch resistant. The steam functions on this iron are very impressive. The continuous steam is even, and can be varied for different fabrics, and the boost shot of steam is very powerful. This iron also works vertically, allowing you to steam hanging jackets and suits, as well as curtains, which is very useful.

The iron is fitted with drip stop, to prevent water droplets coming out during low steam settings, and the water tank itself is fitted with limescale prevention technology, to keep the steam flowing smoothly and allowing tap water to be used without the need for it to be distilled or filtered.

The cord of the iron is a generous length, and the heel is wide and has small rubber points on the corners, to avoid slippage. There is really not much to criticise about this iron's performance, although the water inlet is on the heel of the iron, which does risk water leaking from it when stood in an idle position. It also gets rather heavy when filled up with water.

Overall, this is an excellent piece of ironing equipment, with a great amount of power in the steam and the plate, it is sure to make your ironing easier.