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Bosch TDA5620GB



Bosch TDA5620GB


Key Features

  • 2750W of power
  • Scratch resistant plate
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £60.00

Bosch TDA5620GB

The Bosch TDA5620GB delivers fantastic results, with lots of power and a great steam.

A steam iron with 2750W of power, the TDA5620GB is one of the most powerful irons on the market. It heats up quickly and will flatten creases in pretty much anything it faces. The built-in air system means there will be no hotspots on the plate, delivering an even heat across your garments. The steam function is very powerful, and also gives an even spread of steam. There is the option of a steam shot and a spray which is fired from the front of the iron.

The plate itself is scratch resistant, and has a special coating to make the iron glide easily over any fabrics. The plate is also fitted with a drip stop function, preventing water droplets from falling out when the steam setting is on low. The water tank is built with limescale and calc prevention technology, meaning non-distilled water can be fed into this iron without issue. The iron is also built with an automatic shut off, so that the iron will not remain active if it is left unattended.

The power of this iron does mean that the water in the tank runs out fairly quickly, and it is worth being careful to note how hot the plate is getting, especially when ironing delicates. The spray shot is also slightly troublesome, as the nozzle is very small and will sometimes drip down the iron after firing. But these two minor complaints do not prevent this iron from being an excellent appliance that is sure to make your ironing much easier.