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Bosch SMS40C02GB



Bosch SMS40C02GB


Key Features

  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Four selectable wash programmes
  • ActiveWater hydraulic water system
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £329.00

Bosch SMS40C02GB

There are a number of ways to customise the inside of the Bosch SMS40C02GB with a Vario basket system allowing you to make alterations based on your personal needs and the contents of the load. For example, it’s possible to adjust the height of the top basket — useful for cleaning large roasting trays, serving dishes or awkwardly shaped tins.

Adding to this, the bottom basket features two foldable plate racks that can be put up to stack plates in or lain flat to wash things like saucepans whilst the top basket has foldable cup shelves which can be erected to keep mugs and tumblers safe or folded down to store Tupperware. This widespread customisability makes the Bosch SMS40C02GB very easy to load, no matter what you need to clean.

But it doesn’t matter really how many dishes you can store in the Bosch SMS40C02GB — what matters is how clean they get. Thankfully the Bosch SMS40C02GB cleans really well. It has an ActiveWater hydraulic water system, a DosageAssist detergent dispenser and four programmes and three temperatures that can be used to get all sorts of dishes clean, no matter how stained they are. The Load Sensor then keeps an eye on the dishes to make sure the Bosch SMS40C02GB is cleaning them as well as it possibly can.

All this doesn’t come at the price of energy guzzling, as the Bosch SMS40C02GB has an A* energy efficiency rating. This should help to keep your bills low. You do have to pay the price of decent drying, though, as the Bosch SMS40C02GB does fall into the trap that most dishwashers do of not being able to dry the dishes particularly well. It also has exceptionally long wash cycle times — you might have to take advantage of the start delay function and have the wash cycles start after you’ve gone to bed.