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Bosch SMS40A08GB



Bosch SMS40A08GB


Key Features

  • A-grade wash performance rating
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Four selectable wash programmes
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £449.00

Bosch SMS40A08GB

This freestanding dishwasher it styled in a very modern manner, so even though it’s not built in it won’t look out of place in a modern and stylish kitchen. The Bosch SMS40A08GB is probably ideally suited to a couple living in a flat or a small house because of its slim design, modern look and slightly limited capacity.

It is able to hold up to twelve place settings at once, which isn’t bad for such a slim model but would probably struggle to cope with the demands of a large family. It cleans well, though, and is rated A for its cleaning efficiency.

Whilst cleaning dishes you are able to choose from the Bosch SMS40A08GB’s four different programmes, which use three different temperatures. Although this is a big step up from more old fashioned dishwashers it’s possible to get dishwashers nowadays with a huge range of programmes.

The programmes are completely adequate for normal usage, though. There’s a useful half-load function for when you don’t have that many dishes to wash and an eco-function for the more environmentally conscious. You can also use the automatic programme setting for when you just can’t be bothered to fiddle around with it. All the programmes are really long, however.

It runs really, really quietly, so much so that you’ll probably forget you’ve put it on sometimes, and doesn’t use much energy at all — it’s A* energy efficiency rating means that it’s very eco-friendly, and you should see a reduction in your electricity bills.

It’s easy to make adjustments to the interior of the machine so you can fit more in. The top basket has an adjustable height for when you have an awkwardly shaped pan or tray. The only real problem with the Bosch SMS40A08GB is that it doesn’t dry the dishes very well after they have been washed, so you’ll either need to let them drip dry or they’ll need to be hand dried.