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Bosch KUR15A50GB Larder Fridge



Bosch KUR15A50GB


Key Features

  • 141 litre capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • Auto defrost option
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £364.00

Bosch KUR15A50GB Larder Fridge

The Bosch KUR15A50GB Larder Fridge is a built-in under-counter fridge. Although it’s small, inside it’s surprisingly spacious — it’s got a bit of the TARDIS effect and seems much larger inside. It’s also extremely energy efficient.

The KUR15A50GB has an effective capacity of 141 litres, which is above average for this style of fridge, and is primarily designed for smaller households. If you’re looking to do massive weekly shops and fill your fridge with food this might not be right for you, but if you’re a fan of shopping little and often or only need a fridge to cater for one or two of you, it should be fine. This fridge will happily hold the food and drink of two or three people.

There are three height-adjustable glass shelves and three door balconies within the Bosch KUR15A50GB, one of which is removable in case you need to fit tall items in. There is also a spacious salad crisper in the base of the fridge, which should keep produce fresher for longer. The fridge is wide, but not particularly deep, and although the door can fit several large bottles, if you have other large items to store, there may be issues.

The fridge can automatically defrost itself, meaning frost removal will never be an issue, and the fridge runs very quietly, at only 38db it is one of the quietest fridges available. Despite this, the fridge is very energy efficient, with an A* rating, it saves 20 per cent more energy than fridges with an A rating, meaning it is sure to save you money.

The only issue with this fridge is installation, several consumers have said the instructions are complicated and the steps have been difficult to carry out. However, if you do not mind some work to get this fridge installed, it will be a reliable and worthwhile purchase.