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Bosch KGV33NW20GB



Bosch KGV33NW20GB


Key Features

  • 288 litre capacity
  • A* energy efficiency rating
  • LowFrost features
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £360.00

Bosch KGV33NW20GB

With good build quality and clean white looks, the Bosch KGV33NW20GB is a good all round fridge freezer. It has a total net capacity of 288 litres, which should be enough for a small family and would be ample for a couple. It also has an energy efficiency rating of A*, so it should use less energy and cost you less on your electricity bills. Producing only 39 decibels of sound, it can also be counted as one of the quieter machines on the market.

The fridge is on the top of the Bosch KGV33NW20GB and the freezer is at the bottom. The fridge can hold a capacity of 194 litres and is lit by a bright LED light. Inside the fridge are three glass shelves, one large salad crisper drawer (not good for those who prefer having two to better organise their vegetables) and a wine rack. There is also decent storage in the door, with two butter trays and a larger tray that can hold milk. The only problem is that there’s not much customisation in terms of the shelves, and the wine rack takes up a lot of space.

At the bottom of the appliance is the freezer, which is easily accessible. There are three good sized drawers in the freezer, although the bottom drawer has a shelf at the back so it’s only a half drawer. The freezer can hold up to 94 litres, but the 24 hour freezing capacity is just 7kg. In the event of a power cut the maximum freezer storage time is 23 hours, which is very impressive compared to other models.

The fridge has an auto defrost function, but the freezer needs to be defrosted manually. However it does play host to LowFrost technologies which stops big blocks of ice forming and should make defrosting quicker. The door can be hinged to open on either side, and there is a clear temperature indicator on the front of the Bosch KGV33NW20GB. The doors will close automatically if they’re left a few centimetres open, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it open and everything defrosting.