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Bosch KGN39VL30 G



Bosch KGN39VL30 G


Key Features

  • 315 litre capacity
  • Multi Flow air cooled technology
  • A** energy efficiency rating
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £749.00

Bosch KGN39VL30 G

At just over two metres tall and with a smooth, stainless steel finish, the Bosch KGN39VL30 G looks beautiful. Although it’s not particularly wide the height means that there is plenty of room to store food inside, and the unit as a whole has a 315 litre capacity.

The majority of this storage space is located within the fridge, which is at the top of the setup. It has a 221 litre capacity, which is divided up by two glass shelves, a wine rack, a salad crisper drawer and a compartment at the top of the unit with a door. There is also storage in the door with room for bottles at the bottom and butter or eggs at the top. Although there is some scope for adjustment in the fridge it’s limited and the shelf space is quite short — if you want to store beers in the fridge you have to lie them down as they won’t stand up.

However, thanks to the MultiAirflow cooling system, which blows cool air through multiple vents in order to maintain even cooling throughout the fridge, the Bosch KGN39VL30 G will keep your vegetables fresher for longer. The fridge itself has internal LED electronic controls, and is lit by LED interior lights that give the fridge a lovely clean look and don’t take up space, use much energy or produce much heat.

The 94 litre capacity freezer has three large drawers, one of which is a ChillerBox. It is fitted with Frost Free technologies which prevent the build up of large ice crystals and reduces the need for defrosting. It also has a SuperFreezing function to get the products placed inside frozen as quickly as possible.

With four freezer stars, the highest a freezer can be awarded, the Bosch KGN39VL30 G can freeze food from fresh as well as from frozen. Food can also be kept in it for up to a year.

The Bosch KGN39VL30 G has an A** energy efficiency rating, so doesn’t use much electricity at all, and at 43 decibels is relatively quiet. The only things wrong with it are small niggles, such as the bottom freezer drawer falling out occasionally and that there’s no temperature display — or, if you really wanted to nit-pick, you could point out that the freezer capacity isn’t that big.