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Bosch HBN331S0B



Bosch HBN331S0B


Key Features

  • Fan assisted oven
  • 67 litre capacity
  • Energy Efficient
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £300.00

Bosch HBN331S0B

The Bosch HBN331S0B is a nifty built-in oven with plenty of programmable features and a great look.

With a 67 litre capacity the HBN331S0B might appear smaller than some two-door competitors, but it still has plenty of space to cook food for a whole family, striking the right balance between featuring a large enough capacity to cook big meals and being small enough so as not to take over your entire kitchen.

Fan assisted, the oven allows for an even distribution of heat ensuring each shelf is at the same temperature. The oven heats up very quickly, with little or no need for pre-heating at all. Fan assisted ovens are more popular than ever because of their superior cooking skills — they cook food more evenly, more quickly and at a lower temperature.

Featuring several programmable settings for different types of heat, including a defrost feature and a full grill, the Bosch HBN331S0B also allows users to time the device to turn on and off automatically. The controls for these settings are easy to master, and have a handy child lock. The oven and grill dials are large and easy to read, and complement the overall look of the oven which is stylish and understated.

Easy to clean, the Bosch HBN331S0B features catalytic liners on the internal walls which make wiping up spills easier, as well as an enamel grill pan which can be wiped clean too. The oven itself is rated highly for energy efficiency, saving on average 20 per cent more energy than conventional ovens. Unfortunately, this oven does only come with one shelf, although extras can be purchased, and the oven door does get very hot when the unit has been turned on for a while.

Besides these two points, however, this is a very reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-install oven, which will look great in any kitchen.