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Bosch HBM43B250B



Bosch HMB43B250B


Key Features

  • Two cooking compartments
  • Top oven doubles as a grill
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £799.00

Bosch HBM43B250B

The Bosch HBM43B250B could be something off the Starship Enterprise with all of the fancy settings it has, but don’t let the technology put you off — underneath it is still just an oven that does its job as well as any other. It’s just an oven with so much extra tech you can cook your food in lots of new and different ways whilst making your life a lot easier.

The Bosch HBM43B250B is a built-in, two compartment oven, with a large capacity bottom compartment and a smaller top compartment. The top compartment also doubles as a grill. Both compartments heat up quickly and cook evenly as ovens — however, the grill element can take some time to heat up. This oven is fitted with five shelves, an enamelled grill pan and a deep pan with a wire rack for deep cooking, which is ideal for roasting a large piece of meat.

So there’s lots of fancy hardware in the Bosch HBM43B250B, but what about the software? Well, the oven controls are where things get interesting. The oven has a touchscreen control panel with an automatic cooking timer, and five different cooking functions. The screen is large and easy to read, which is good with all these different functions to pick from, but you’ll still need to spend a while figuring out how you set everything up. If you’re not comfortable with fiddling or reading a manual, stay away.

Of course, the oven still has normal control dials — there are four dials to control things like oven temperature and retract into the oven, making it look neater when not in use.

The Bosch is very energy efficient, in both compartments, saving 20 per cent more energy than ovens with an 'A' efficiency rating. The oven is enamelled on this inside, making it easy to clean, and the shelves are easily removable. Overall, this is a fantastic oven with some very impressive technological features.