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Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB



Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB


Key Features

  • Five selectable wash programmes
  • 12 place setting capacity
  • Vario basket system
  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Review Price: £434.00

Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB

As the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB is built in, it won’t spoil the look of your kitchen. If you spent ages getting the perfect ‘look’ for your kitchen and don’t want that appearance spoilt by a big ugly dishwasher then the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB is perfect — you can just tuck it away behind one of your gorgeous kitchen’s cupboards and no-one will even know it’s there.

A fairly large appliance as well capable of taking twelve place settings, the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB allows you to clean all of these dishes using five different programmes — Intensive 70 °C, Normal 65 °C, Economy 50 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C and a Pre Rinse setting. These settings, like on many dishwashers nowadays, do take absolutely ages though.

On top of this there’s even the option to just do a half-load wash, so you’re not wasting energy or time when you’ve only got a small amount of dishes to wash. These appliances may sound fancy, but they’re not all talk and no trousers with the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB getting your dishes really clean. It also leaves them quite wet, though — the dryer just isn’t very good.

Inside, the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB has a Vario basket system. When the top basket is empty you can adjust its height, which makes washing awkwardly shaped or sized items much easier. There are two plate racks in the bottom basket both of which are foldable, so it’s also easy to wash roasting pans or large casserole dishes. However some people do find the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB difficult to load.

The EcoSilence BLDC drive means that the Bosch Classixx SMV50C00GB is really quiet to run — you’ll hardly notice it’s going. It has an AquaMix glass protection system to ensure that all of your glassware is kept nice and safe, and the ActiveWater hydraulic water system to aid in its excellent cleaning.