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  1. LG FH4A8FDH2N


    The finest washer/dryer we've ever tested

  2. Samsung WD906U4SAGD

    Samsung WD906U4SAGD

    An effective washer dryer, but it costs more to run than dedicated washing machines

  3. Indesit-WD

    Indesit Innex XWDE 751480X

    Indesit's Innex washer-dryer offers reasonable washing and drying results for smaller loads

  4. Beko WDA91440W

    Beko WDA91440W

    A versatile washer dryer for less than £500

  5. Zanussi WJD1667W

    Zanussi WJD1667W

    With a 6kg drum capacity and a zippy 1600 RPM spin speed the Zanussi WJD1667W has been awarded an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  6. AEG 65170

    AEG 65170

    Far from the prettiest appliance on the market, the AEG 65170 features a 7kg drum capacity and the now standard sensor dry technologies.

  7. LG RC8015

    LG RC8015

    With a broad array of drying programmes, the LG RC8015 pairs a B Class energy efficiency rating with an 8kg drum capacity and impressive sensor drying technology.

  8. Bosch Classixx WTE84105

    Bosch Classixx WTE84105

    A simple and attractive appliance the Bosch Classixx WTE84105 sees sensor drying technologies partnered with a 7kg drum capacity and a B Class energy efficiency rating.

  9. LG RC9011

    LG RC9011

    A large tumble dryer with impressive functionality the LG RC9011 backs up its B Class energy efficiency rating with a 9kg load capacity and Sensor Dry technologies.

  10. Zanussi ZDE47200

    Zanussi ZDE47200

    Whilst the Zanussi ZDE47200 is let down by a C-grade energy efficiency rating, the device is bolstered by a 7kg drum capacity and sensor drying features.

  11. LG F1403YD5

    LG F1403YD5

    With an 8kg drum capacity and 1400RPM spin speed meaning you can wash lots of clothes quickly, the LG F1403YD5 is also bolstered by Foam sensing wash technologies.

  12. Indesit IWDC6125

    Indesit IWDC6125

    Limited by a 6kg drum capacity and a 1200RPM spin speed, the Indesit IWDC6125 is redeemed by its A-grade wash efficiency rating and a handy Express Wash & Dry option.

  13. Hotpoint WDD960

    Hotpoint WDD960

    With a 7kg drum capacity lining up alongside the unit's 1600RPM cycle speeds, the Hotpoint WDD960 is an attractive appliance with a 'Set and Forget' drying function.

  14. Hotpoint BHWD129

    Hotpoint BHWD129

    With an A Class energy efficiency further bolstered by an A-grade wash efficiency rating, the Hotpoint BHWD129 is a generally strong washer dryer combo machine.

  15. AEG L16850

    AEG L16850

    With silent system plus technology ensuring you are not disturbed by the unit's cycles, the AEG L16850 features a 7kg drum capacity and impressive 1600RPM spin speed.