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  1. Panasonic TX-55DX650

    Panasonic TX-55DX650

    An attractively priced but deeply flawed 4K TV

  2. Panasonic TX-55DX600B

    Panasonic TX-55DX600B

    Just because it's cheap doesn't make it good

  3. Philips 55PUS7101

    Philips 55PUS7101

    Good looks can't make up for what this Ultra HD TV lacks elsewhere

  4. Finlux 49UT3E310B-T

    Finlux 49UT3E310B-T

    This 4K TV is hella cheap – bit is that all it's got going for it?

  5. Bush LE-58GCL

    Bush LE-58GCL

    Another day, another aggressively priced 4K UHD TV. But this one isn't the bargain it first appears.

  6. Philips 901F OLED
  7. Sony KD-65ZD9 1
  8. LG OLED55B6
  9. Sony 65XD93
  10. sony 3
  11. LG 65UH9500
  12. Panasonic TX-65DX900
  13. LG 65EG6
  14. Samsung 65KS9500
  15. Hisense 65H10B