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Find the best surround sound systems for your needs from our reviews of the best home theatre systems, plus surround sound speakers.

  1. Polk Audio TL1600

    Polk Audio TL1600

    Polk’s compact speaker system is easy on your eye, ear and wallet

  2. Samsung M5

    Samsung M5

    Make multiroom easy with Samsung’s superb streaming speaker

  3. Arcam Solo bar and Solo sub

    Arcam Solo bar and Solo sub

    Arcam brings a touch of class to the soundbar market

  4. DALI Kubik One

    DALI Kubik One

    A pricey soundbar that melds fabulous design with killer sonics

  5. Monitor Audio R90HT12

    Monitor Audio Radius R90HT12

    A new subwoofer makes this compact sub/sat system a stunning, if expensive proposition

  6. Yamaha SRT-1000

    Yamaha SRT-1000

    Get true surround sound from Yamaha’s debut soundbase

  7. Q Acoustics Q-TV2

    Q Acoustics Q-TV2

    A big price cut turns Q’s bolt-on soundbar into a bona fide bargain

  8. Philips HTL5140

    Philips HTL5140

    Philips' slim soundbar delivers top-drawer sonics and plenty of features at a great price

  9. Monitor Audio Airstream S200

    Monitor Audio Airstream S200

    Discover why the S200 is the new king of wireless speakers

  10. Canton DM 9

    Canton DM 9

    A great-sounding hi-fi soundbar that’s built for wall mounting

  11. Q Acoustics Media 4

    Q Acoustics Media 4

    Q Acoustics' Media 4 is one of the best sub-£400 soundbars on the market

  12. Samsung HW-H600

    Samsung HW-H600

    Samsung brings the noise with its super-slim soundbase

  13. KEF V720W

    KEF V720W

    KEF’s flatpanel soundbar shows the budget boys how it’s done

  14. Orbitsound M10

    Orbitsound M10

    Orbitsound’s compact M10 soundbar fills your room with sound, not clutter

  15. Tannoy Mercury 7.2

    Tannoy Mercury 7.2

    Superb audiophile performance without breaking the bank