1. InFocus X10 DLP Projector

    InFocus X10 DLP Projector

    InFocus' Full HD X10 is, quite simply, one of the most aggressively priced DLP projectors on the market, and it performs well too!

  2. ViewSonic Pro7827HD

    ViewSonic LightStream Pro7827HD

    A startlingly good budget projector

  3. BenQ W1070+

    BenQ W1070+

    BenQ improves what was already a great budget projector

  4. BenQ W1080ST

    BenQ W1080ST

    This budget projector ensures you don't need a big room to enjoy decent home cinema.

  5. BenQ W1070

    BenQ W1070

    A full HD projector for £700 that amazingly doesn't suck for movies

  6. Optoma HD33

    Optoma ThemeScene HD33

    With a price tag of just £1,249, the ThemeScene HD33 is far and away the cheapest active, full HD projector ever. Surely it can’t also be any good, right?

  7. Infocus SP8600

    InFocus SP8600

    A full HD DLP projector with a DarkChip 3 chipset for under £800? InFocus must be losing its mind.

  8.  BenQ W1200

    BenQ W1200

    Although it may be a touch aggressive for some tastes, BenQ's new £1,200 projector offers a heck of a lot for its money.

  9. Epson EH-TW3200

    Epson EH-TW3200

    After the slightly disappointing EH-TW3600, Epson hits its stride again with this budget projection star.

  10. BenQ W1000+

    BenQ W1000+

    If you're after big-screen thrills without the big wallet spills, then the W1000+ is simply the best value entry-level projector we've seen to date.

  11. Vivitek H1085 DLP Projector

    Vivitek H1085 DLP Projector

    Find out why Vivitek's H1085 projector is the pick of the current sub-£1,000 projector crop.

  12. Epson EH-TW2900 LCD Projector

    Epson EH-TW2900 LCD Projector

    The Epson EH-TW2900 is suitably included in the growing list of decent and attractively priced home cinema projectors.

  13. BenQ W1000 DLP Projector

    BenQ W1000 DLP Projector

    The BenQ W1000 DLP projector is not only good value, it also offers an excellent degree of fine-tuning flexibility.

  14. Optoma ThemeScene HD20 DLP Projector

    Optoma ThemeScene HD20 DLP Projector

    The Optoma HD20 DLP projector opens the big screen home cinema door to a whole new budget market.

  15. BenQ W1210ST

    BenQ W1210ST

    The best gaming projector around today