Best Ovens

Use our best oven reviews to help make the right choice when buying a new oven. We take a look at all oven types including gas, electric and fan ovens, single, double and compact as well as built-in or built-under, to help you choose the best oven for you and your kitchen set up.

  1. Beko OIF21300

    Beko OIF21300

    A small oven with a large 65 litre capacity, the electric powered Beko OIF21300 features an easy-clean enamel finish.

  2. Hotpoint HAG60

    Hotpoint HAG60

    Easy to clean, the Hotpoint HAG60 gas cooker pairs dual ovens with four hob burners and a top oven that doubles as a grill.

  3. New World 600TSIDLM

    New World 600TSIDLM

    A gas cooker with dual ovens, the New World 600TSIDLM features Cool Door technology for improved safety and convenience.

  4. New World 50THLG

    New World 50THLG

    With an easy clean enamel finish interior, the New World 50THLG cooker also plays host to a double glazed door for added safety.

  5. Hotpoint HUD61

    Hotpoint HUD61

    The Hotpoint HUD61 cooker matches style with substance with an A Class energy efficiency rating and dual ovens.

  6. Belling FSE60I

    Belling FSE60I

    The Belling FSE60I cooker plays host to a whopping nine cooking functions as well as an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  7. Stoves Richmond 550DF

    Stoves Richmond 550DF

    Featuring an A Class energy efficiency rating the Stoves Richmond 550DF pairs performance with strong aesthetics.

  8. Electrolux EOB53000

    Electrolux EOB53000

    The Electrolux EOB53000 fan assisted oven features an impressive A Class energy efficiency rating.

  9. Hotpoint SH53

    Hotpoint SH53

    The Hotpoint SH53 is an A Class energy efficient oven with a large spacious cooking capacity.

  10. Bosch HBN331S0B

    Bosch HBN331S0B

    An easy to clean single compartment oven, the Bosch HBN331S0B is fan assisted and plays host to a 67 litre capacity.

  11. Neff U14M62

    Neff U14M62

    The Neff U14M62 dual oven sees the top oven double as a grill whilst a selection of heating options expand the cooking possibilities.

  12. Hotpoint DHS53CX

    Hotpoint DHS53CX

    The Hotpoint DHS53CX oven is an A Class energy efficient rated model with five programmable functions and two cooking compartments.

  13. Bosch HMB43B250B

    Bosch HBM43B250B

    With touchscreen controls the Bosch HBM43B250B is a futuristic oven with two cooking compartments.

  14. Belling BI70FP

    Belling BI70FP

    With a fan assisted oven on the bottom, the Belling BI70FP's top oven doubles as a grill for added cooking options.