Best Ovens

Use our best oven reviews to help make the right choice when buying a new oven. We take a look at all oven types including gas, electric and fan ovens, single, double and compact as well as built-in or built-under, to help you choose the best oven for you and your kitchen set up.

  1. Uuni 2 Pizza Oven

    Uuni 2 Pizza Oven

    An awesome wood-fired pizza oven that's perfect for the garden and campsites.

  2. Dualit Mini Oven

    Dualit Mini Oven

    Tiny, tiny oven.

  3. Essentials CBCONX10

    Essentials CBCONX10

    With a 61 litre capacity and an A Class energy efficiency rating the Essentials CBCONX10 will handle the cooking needs of a large family whilst keeping your electricity bills low.

  4. Hotpoint DY330G

    Hotpoint DY330G

    Featuring an A Class energy efficiency rating the Hotpoint DY330G is a gas oven with two oven cavities, the uppermost of which doubles as a grill.

  5. AEG DE4003020M

    AEG DE4003020M

    With a whopping 110 litre capacity the AEG DE4003020M has set a new industry standard as the first oven to be awarded an AA energy efficiency rating.

  6. New World NW601FP

    New World NW601FP

    With a fan assisted heating element helping distribute heat more evenly throughout the 62 litre capacity the New World NW601FP has an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  7. Hotpoint SH83X

    Hotpoint SH83X

    An electric oven with a single cooking cavity the Hotpoint SH83X is fan assisted with a 58 litre capacity paired with an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  8. Hotpoint UHS53X

    Hotpoint UHS53X

    Despite only featuring a B Class energy efficiency rating the Hotpoint UHS53X is a strong built-in dual fan assisted oven, playing host to five programmable cooking functions.

  9. Hotpoint SHS33X

    Hotpoint SHS33X

    A fan assisted oven with an A Class energy efficiency rating to help keep your bills low, the Hotpoint SHS3X features a 58 litre capacity and an integrated variable grill.

  10. Neff U15M42N0G

    Neff U15M42N0G

    With a programmable timer and an A Class energy efficiency rating the dual fan assisted ovens of the Neff U15M42N0G will handle all your cooking needs.

  11. Bosch HBM13B251

    Bosch HBM13B251

    An built-in electric oven with two cooking compartments the Bosch HBM13B251 features conventional heating elements and an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  12. Leisure RCM10FR

    Leisure RCM10FR

    A dual fuel range cooker with a fan assisted oven lining up alongside a conventional oven, the Leisure RCM10FR features five gas hob burners.

  13. Belling FSDF60DO

    Belling FSDF60DO

    A dual fuel cooker with a selection of cooking options, the Belling FSDF60DO hosts a pair of ovens and varyingly sized hob burners.

  14. Rangemaster Excel 110

    Rangemaster Excel 110

    A dual fuel oven with an A Class energy efficiency rating, the Rangemaster Excel 110 features a dedicated slow cooker mode.

  15. Samsung PKG100

    Samsung PKG100

    A inbuilt electric oven and hob combo, the Samsung PKG100 pairs four hob pads with a 65 litre oven capacity and energy efficient cooking.