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Find reviews of the best mobile phones for £250 - £350.

  1. Nokia E71

    Nokia E71

    Nokia's E71 smartphone has a lovely chassis packed with pretty much everything you could want. Awesome!

  2. OnePlus 3 29

    OnePlus 3

    Long-term review: Does the OnePlus survive the challenges of everyday life?

  3. Google Nexus 5

    Google Nexus 5

    The Android phone bargain of the year

  4. Sony Xperia P

    Sony Xperia P

    Attractive, well built, and with a few neat features, this is a solid mid-range handset.

  5. LG Optimus 2X

    LG Optimus 2X

    It's officially the world's first dual-core smartphone but more crucially, is it the best?

  6. Motorola Defy

    Motorola Defy

    A water-resistant and semi-rugged smartphone that's actually nice to use!

  7. HTC Hero (G2 Touch)

    HTC Hero (G2 Touch)

    This sleek Android smartphone with its capacitive touchscreen makes for a great iPhone alternative.

  8. Nokia E75

    Nokia E75

    The Nokia E75 is the company's first attempt at a messaging phone with a slide out keyboard. Has it the same magic as previous E series handsets?

  9. Asus P750 Smartphone

    Asus P750 Smartphone

    Not exactly the smallest smartphone, but its numerous features certainly make it one of the most desirable.

  10. Apple iPhone

    Apple iPhone

    As Apple's iPhone finally hits UK shores, Riyad gives you the full low down.

  11. palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager PDA

    palmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager PDA

    palmOne continues to strike back with the long awaited LifeDrive. With a 4GB MicroDrive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in a sleek package, this is a truly powerful PDA.

  12. a3 9

    Samsung Galaxy A3

    Bang for your buck?

  13. Moto Z Play

    Moto Z Play

    A battery with a phone attached