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Find the best mobile apps from our reviews of the top mobile software including the best iPhone apps, Android apps and other mobile applications to download.

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  1. TomTom Navigation Europe for Android

    TomTom Navigation Europe for Android

    TomTom Navigation finally makes it to Android smartphones

  2. Rdio 1


    US Spotify rival launches in the UK and quickly wins hearts and minds.

  3. Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy

    Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy

    Art gets serious in this brilliant iPad app.

  4. Poynt


    Updated - Now with petrol price tracking: Poynt offers a quick and easy way to find cinemas, restaurants and other services nearby thanks to its clean and simple user interface.

  5. Camera Zoom FX

    Camera Zoom FX Android App

    With a great looking user interface and an impressive range of features, Camera Zoom FX is undoubtedly one of the best camera apps available for Android phones.

  6. Real Racing 2

    Real Racing 2 Android Game

    Stunning graphics, sublime controls and great gameplay make this a must-have title for any racing fan.

  7. Riptide GP

    Riptide GP Android Game

    Hectic racing action and stunning graphics help make this is one of the best racing games on Android at the moment.

  8. Cut the Rope

    Cut the Rope Android Game

    Not much has changed since the iOS edition, but that alone secures Cut the Rope's position as one of the best Android games.

  9. i-MS20

    Korg iMS-20 iPad App

    At first it seems impenetrable, but give the Korg iMS-20 some of your time and you'll find it's one of the best iOS music-making apps there is.

  10. Plants vs. Zombies

    Plants vs. Zombies Android Game

    One of the few must-have Android games, Plants vs. Zombies is probably the best "defence" game for the platform.

  11. Snapseed

    Snapseed iPhone App

    A great UI, plenty of filters and customisation options make this photo editing app a must-download for all iOS snappers.

  12. Contre Jour

    Contre Jour iPhone Game

    One of Apple's own iPad games of the year, and one of our favourites too, Contre Jour is an inventive platformer you shouldn't miss.

  13. Pixlr-o-matic

    Pixlr-o-matic iPhone App

    This image editor is free and offers a load of great quality effects. What more could you want?

  14. Swiftkeys X

    Swiftkey X Keyboard Android App

    Simple but effective, Swiftkey X is well worth investing in, especially if you find your phone's built-in keyboard uncomfortable or inaccurate.

  15. Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin HD Android Game

    This really is one of the best looking and most advanced games to grace Android. You'd be foolish not to give it a whirl.