Best Fridges

Find the best fridges to suit your needs with our comprehensive reviews of the best fridges.

  1. Whirlpool WME36562 X

    Whirlpool WME36562 X

    A superb fridge that really will keep your food fresher for longer

  2. Samsung RH57H90507F

    Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase

    This incredible fridge freezer has the features and finish to justify its eye-watering price tag

  3. Samsung RL60GZEIH

    Samsung RL60GZEIH

    A super-tall fridge freezer with a ton of cooling space

  4. Hitachi R-S700GP2

    Hitachi R-S700GP2

    A US-style fridge freezer with mighty performance to match its snazzy style

  5. Grundig GKN16820X main

    Grundig GKN16820X

    This 60cm fridge freezer might not be the cheapest, but it's one of the best

  6. Haier WS50GDBI

    Haier WS50GDBI

    This wine cellar is a sumptuous slice of kitchen luxury

  7. Hitachi R-B360ERU4V cutout

    Hitachi R-B360ERU4V

    Fancy a super-tall fridge freezer with a ton more fridge than freezer?

  8. Essentials CTT50W10

    Essentials CTT50W10

    A compact mini-fridge ideal for office or bedroom use the 50 litre Essentials CTT50W10 features an A Class energy efficiency rating and a small freezer compartment.

  9. Sandstrom SFF4DS11

    Sandstrom SFF4DS11

    A large-scale fridge freezer with a 410 litre capacity the Sandstrom SFF4DS11 features a four star freezer rating with Frost Free technology and an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  10. Bosch KUR15A50GB

    Bosch KUR15A50GB Larder Fridge

    A compact fridge that is easy to hide away thanks to its built-in nature, the Bosch KUR15A50GB features a 141 litre capacity and an A* energy efficiency rating.

  11. Logik LTL55S10

    Logik LTL55S10

    With an A Class energy efficiency rating meaning the unit will help keep your bills low, the Logik LTL55S10 features a 240 litre capacity for impressive storage.

  12. Beko RA610

    Beko RA610

    Despite featuring an added freezer compartment, the Beko RA610 compact freestanding fridge plays host to an A Class energy efficiency rating.

  13. Baumatic BR16.3A

    Baumatic BR16.3A

    With a 136 litre capacity the compact built-in Baumatic BR16.3A fridge adds auto defrost features for improved ease of use.

  14. Beko TLDA567

    Beko TLDA567

    With a whopping 300 litre capacity the Beko TLDA567 fridge adds an A Class energy efficiency rating and a 'chiller zone' shelf to the mix.

  15. Hotpoint RLS175P

    Hotpoint RLS175P

    A tall, freestanding upright fridge, the Hotpoint RLS175P is capable of storing up to 350 litres of food whilst auto defrost features keep the fridge clean and clear.