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  1. Vax

    Vax Dual Power Pro Advance

    Vax's Dual Power Pro Advance carpet cleaner delivers pro-cleaning results around the home

  2. Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B

    Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B

    An impressive cordless upright and handheld in one

  3. Vax U85-AS-Ce Air Stretch Complete

    Vax U85-AS-Ce Air Stretch Complete

    A powerful vacuum cleaner with huge cleaning reach at a low price

  4. Featured

    Vax Air Lift Steerable Pet U84-AL-PE

    An affordable and versatile upright that's great on stairs

  5. Vax Floormate Cordless HF85-FM-C

    Vax Floormate Cordless HF85-FM-C

    A great, dedicated hard floor cleaner that's battery powered

  6. Vax Air Cordless U86-AL-B

    Vax Air Cordless U86-AL-B

    An effective cordless upright that comes with two batteries

  7. Vax Air Cordless Switch H85-AC21-B

    Vax Air Cordless Switch H85-AC21-B

    A light cordless upright and handheld vacuum in one

  8. Vax Air Revolve Pet

    Vax Air Revolve Pet

    A powerful vac that's ideal for large areas of carpet

  9. Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C

    Vax Air 3 U87-AM-C

    Powerful and lighweight but with an unfortunate tendency to fall over

  10. Slimvac 3

    Vax Cordless Slimvac Total Home

    Vax's flagship cordless cleaner fails to impress despite its high asking price

  11. Vax Mach Air Reach U90-MA-R

    Vax Mach Air Reach U90-MA-R

    The Vax Mach Air Reach U90-MA-R features impressive suction and a 1.5 litre dust capacity despite weighing just 5.3kg.

  12. Vax V-124 Daul V

    Vax V-124 Dual V

    The Vax V-124 Dual V vacuum and carpet cleaner features an impressive 1300W of power for impeccable suction.

  13. VAX C89-PM2-B

    Vax C89-PM2-B

    Small in size but not in power, the VAX C89-PM2_B boasts 2,000 watts of suction and a HEPA filter.

  14. VAX C89-MA-B

    VAX C89-MA-B

    With a HEPA filter and multi cyclone suction technology, the VAX C89-MA-B is a compact cleaning powerhouse.

  15. Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B

    Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B

    The world's lightest full-size upright vacuum with multiple cyclones, the Vax Mach Air U91-MA-B packs impressive suction.