Find reviews of the best Toshiba TVs 40in - 49in.

  1. Toshiba 46YL863

    Toshiba 46YL863

    Toshiba’s 46YL868 is ferociously well specified and exceedingly glamorous. But is it also any good?

  2. Toshiba Regza 46ZV555D 46in LCD TV

    Toshiba Regza 46ZV555D 46in LCD TV

    It may not have worked in a DVD player, but Resolution+'s upscaling prowess really shines in Toshiba's 46ZV555D LCD TV.

  3. Toshiba 47L7453

    Toshiba 47L7453

    Toshiba's latest suggests there's still a place for premium HD TVs

  4. Toshiba 40L6353

    Toshiba 40L6353

    A budget TV with admirable mid-range aspirations

  5. Toshiba 47WL968

    Toshiba 47WL968

    Toshiba's new flagship 47in TV fails with 3D, but works nicely as a 2D display.

  6. Toshiba 46TL968

    Toshiba 46TL968

    Toshiba gets back on track with this great value 46in mid-range model.

  7. Toshiba 40RL958B

    Toshiba 40RL958B

    Toshiba finally adds built-in Wi-Fi to one of its budget TVs, with winning results.

  8. Toshiba 42VL963

    Toshiba 42VL963

    Toshiba's new passive 3D TV is a fine and affordable family TV.

  9. Toshiba 46TL868

    Toshiba 46TL868

    Updated with Video Review: The 46TL868 isn’t without flaws, but it's still great value for money.

  10. Toshiba 40TL963

    Toshiba 40TL963B

    Another day, another bona fide Toshiba bargain.

  11. Toshiba 46TL963

    Toshiba 46TL963

    The sequel to one of last season’s biggest TV hits is here.

  12. Toshiba 42RL853

    Toshiba 42RL853

    This great bargain option in Toshiba’s 2011 TV range ups the feature count of previous models.

  13. Toshiba Regza 46XV635D 46in LCD TV

    Toshiba Regza 46XV635D 46in LCD TV

    Does the Toshiba Regza 46XV635D LCD TV bring more to the table than the company's cheaper RV635 models?

  14. Toshiba Regza 42ZV555D 42in LCD TV

    Toshiba Regza 42ZV555D 42in LCD TV

    Resolution+ makes another appearance on Toshiba's 42in 42ZV555D LCD TV. What does John make of it and the set?

  15. Toshiba 42L7453DB

    Toshiba 42L7453DB

    A trio of stand-out features help the 42L7453DB impress