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Best TomTom GPS & Sat Nav for £170 - £250.

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  1. GO 5000

    TomTom GO 5000

    TomTom continues to set the standard for standalone sat-navs with this 5-inch effort.

  2. TomTom GO 500

    TomTom GO 500

    TomTom's radical redesign is a huge success

  3. TomTom GO 1000 LIVE front angle

    TomTom GO 1000 LIVE

    TomTom raises the bar once more on sat-nav technology

  4. TomTom GO 520

    TomTom GO 520

    The GO 520 brings Wi-Fi map and software updates to TomTom’s mid-range 5-inch offering.

  5. TomTom GO 60

    TomTom GO 60

    Lifetime TomTom Traffic and map updates at a reasonable price

  6. TomTom GO 600

    TomTom GO 600

    An outstanding sat-nav with a six-inch screen and lifetime traffic

  7. TomTom Top Gear Edition

    TomTom Top Gear Edition

    TomTom's Top Gear Edition adds a sprinkling of Jeremy Clarkson to a solid mid-range sat-nav.

  8. TomTom GO LIVE 825

    TomTom GO LIVE 825

    Can the TomTom GO LIVE 825 simplify the company’s offerings without dumbing down their features?

  9. TomTom GO LIVE 1005

    TomTom GO LIVE 1005

    After raising the bar with the GO LIVE 1000, TomTom now increases the screen size.

  10. TomTom Via LIVE 120

    TomTom Via LIVE 120

    Some of the key technologies of TomTom's flagship GO LIVE 1000 are now available for a mid-range price.

  11. TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes Edition Sat-Nav

    TomTom XL LIVE IQ Routes Edition Sat-Nav

    James takes a look at the TomTom XL, now featuring the LIVE system.

  12. TomTom Go 530 Traffic Sat-Nav

    TomTom Go 530 Traffic Sat-Nav

    By sharing many of the Go 930's features, TomTom's GO 530 Traffic makes for a compelling sat-nav choice. Updated with video review.

  13. TomTom Multi-Sport

    TomTom Multi-Sport

    A sports watch for running, cycling and swimming in one

  14. TomTom XL Traffic Europe 22

    TomTom XL Traffic Europe 22

    TomTom has a reputation for making excellent sat-navs and the latest XL model - with its new mount - is no exception.

  15. TomTom One XL Europe

    TomTom One XL Europe

    Unlike some glamourous tennis players, TomTom hasn't lost sight of what it's meant to do...