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Best Samsung Surround Sound Systems.

  1. Samsung HW-E551

    Samsung HW-E551

    You get smooth sound quality from this versatile soundbar and wireless sub.

  2. Samsung HT-E6750W

    Samsung HT-E6750W

    Updated: A super-smart all-in-one Blu-ray system with an astonishing feature count and solid valve-amp powered performance.

  3. Samsung HT-D6750W

    Samsung HT-D6750W

    Samsung's latest 3D-capable all-in-one system guns for glory with nifty new features and decent performance.

  4. Samsung HT-C6730W – Blu-ray home cinema system

    Samsung HT-C6730W – Blu-ray home cinema system

    If you want 7.1-channel home cinema on a budget but have no interest in 3D, then the HT-C6730W is well worth a punt.

  5. Samsung HT-C9950W

    Samsung HT-C9950W

    With its astonishingly stylish design, superb performance and cavalcade of features, this is a very special home cinema system.

  6. Samsung HT-C6930 front

    Samsung HT-C6930 - Exclusive

    An exclusive look at the world's first 3D-capable Blu-ray home cinema system.

  7. Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player

    Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player

    The attractively styled Samsung BD-P3600 combines a plethora of features with excellent AV performance.

  8. Samsung HT-X715T Home Cinema System

    Samsung HT-X715T Home Cinema System

    If you're after a great value 5.1-channel home cinema system, Samsung's HT-X715T is certainly worth a look.

  9. Samsung HW-K850

    Samsung HW-K850

    This soundbar delivers Dolby Atmos without clutter

  10. Samsung HW-K450

    Samsung HW-K450

    Samsung’s great-value soundbar is a terrific tonic for tawdry TV sound

  11. Samsung HW-K650

    Samsung HW-K650

    A powerful mid-range, multi-room speaker

  12. Samsung R3

    Samsung R3

    Samsung fires on all cylinders with this marvellous midrange multiroom speaker

  13. Samsung HW-J650

    Samsung HW-J650

    Samsung straightens it out with this impressive mid-range soundbar

  14. Samsung R1

    Samsung R1

    Bring the noise with Samsung’s entry-level multiroom speaker

  15. Samsung HW-J6500

    Samsung HW-J6500

    Show your curved TV some love with Samsung’s power-boosting soundbar