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Best Samsung Surround Sound Systems for Under £250.

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  1. Samsung M3

    Samsung M3

    Samsung knocks us for six with its entry-level Sonos rival

  2. Samsung M5

    Samsung M5

    Make multiroom easy with Samsung’s superb streaming speaker

  3. Samsung HW-H600

    Samsung HW-H600

    Samsung brings the noise with its super-slim soundbase

  4. Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player

    Samsung BD-P3600 Blu-ray Player

    The attractively styled Samsung BD-P3600 combines a plethora of features with excellent AV performance.

  5. Samsung R3

    Samsung R3

    Samsung fires on all cylinders with this marvellous midrange multiroom speaker

  6. Samsung R1

    Samsung R1

    Bring the noise with Samsung’s entry-level multiroom speaker

  7. Samsung HT-H5500

    Samsung HT-H5500

    A cheap and cheerful 5.1 home cinema system

  8. Samsung HW-E450

    Samsung HW-E450

    An impressive soundbar system with Bluetooth and a wireless sub.

  9. Samsung HW-C450 home cinema soundbar

    Samsung HW-C450 home cinema soundbar

    It’s not designed with Blu-ray in mind, but this stylish soundbar is still a terrific performer

  10. Samsung DVD-F1080 DVD Player

    Samsung DVD-F1080 DVD Player

    Samsung's DVD-F1080 is a fun and stylish upscaling deck that'll look great in the living room or bedroom.

  11. Samsung DVD-SH875M DVD/HDD Recorder

    Samsung DVD-SH875M DVD/HDD Recorder

    Samsung's DVD-SH875M DVD/HDD Recorder has a few foibles, but also many strengths.

  12. Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray Player

    Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray Player

    If you're looking to upgrade to Blu-ray on a tight budget, Samsung's BD-P1500 player is a worthy candidate.

  13. Samsung DVD-1080P8 DVD Player

    Samsung DVD-1080P8 DVD Player

    If you're looking for a simple, reasonably-priced DVD upscaler to pair with your Full HD TV, then look no further.

  14. Samsung DVD-SH855M HDD/DVD Recorder

    Samsung DVD-SH855M HDD/DVD Recorder

    Blu-ray this, HD DVD that! Pah! DVD still exists you know and taking advantage of that original format war is Samsung's latest DVD recorder.

  15. Samsung DVD-SR150M DVD Recorder

    Samsung DVD-SR150M DVD Recorder

    The DVD-SR150M recorder shows off Samsung's ability to undercut the big guns, but is there anything lacking as result?