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    1. Samsung Xpress M2070W

      Samsung Xpress M2070W

      Price as reviewed £130.00
      17 Nov 2013
      Our rating:

      Samsung’s Xpress M2070W is an inexpensive, quick little mono laser all-in-one with convenient NFC connection; a good companion for many mobile devices.

    2. Samsung ML-2955DW

      Samsung ML-2955DW

      Price as reviewed £118.00
      22 Mar 2012
      Our rating:

      The Samsung ML-2955DW is a well-designed duplex laser printer, with good speed and easy wireless printing from mobile devices.

    3. Samsung ML-2165W

      Samsung ML-2165W

      Price as reviewed £90.00
      17 Feb 2012
      Our rating:

      Samsung’s ML-2165W is one of the smallest laser printers we’ve seen, but still prints quickly from computers and portable devices.

    4. Samsung ML-1865W

      Samsung ML-1865W

      Price as reviewed £89.44
      27 Feb 2011
      Our rating:

      A personal, mono laser printer with good, quick print, low running costs and wireless convenience. Are we there yet?

    5. Samsung SCX-3205

      Samsung SCX-3205

      Price as reviewed £94.22
      10 Oct 2010
      Our rating:

      A well-designed, reasonably priced, SOHO all-in-one mono laser printer, with useful extra features not easily available elsewhere.

    6. Samsung ML-1665 front angle

      Samsung ML-1665 Mono Laser Printer

      Price as reviewed £49.00
      2 May 2010
      Our rating:

      A simple yet nippy mono laser printer that won't break the bank.

    7. Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer

      Samsung ML-2525 - Mono Laser Printer

      Price as reviewed £114.00
      28 Feb 2010
      Our rating:

      Another great, cheap mono laser printer from Samsung.

    8. Samsung SCX-4623F - Laser All-in-One

      Samsung SCX-4623F - Laser All-in-One

      Price as reviewed £154.80
      8 Feb 2010
      Our rating:

      This mono laser multifunction printer adds a fax and a useful ID card copy feature.

    9. Samsung SCX-4600 - Laser MFP

      Samsung SCX-4600 - Laser MFP

      Price as reviewed £104.98
      22 Nov 2009
      Our rating:

      This multifunction laser printer from Samsung is improbably cheap.

    10. Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser

      Samsung ML-1915 - Mono Laser

      Price as reviewed £75.00
      20 Oct 2009
      Our rating:

      If you need a small, fast laser printer for your home office, look no further.

    11. Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer

      Samsung ML-1630W Mono Laser Style Printer

      Price as reviewed £103.74
      31 Oct 2008
      Our rating:

      After last week's tank printer from Dell, Samsung arrives with a mono laser modelled on a Steinway piano.

    12. Samsung Xpress M2835DW

      Samsung Xpress M2835DW

      Price as reviewed £150.00
      17 Jun 2014
      Our rating:

      A good compact mono laser with NFC connection for wireless printing

    13. Samsung SCX-3405FW

      Samsung SCX-3405FW

      Price as reviewed £140.00
      7 Aug 2012
      Our rating:

      Samsung's mono laser all-in-one is a multi-talented beast.

    14. Samsung ML-2545

      Samsung ML-2545

      Price as reviewed £81.00
      12 Apr 2012
      Our rating:

      Samsung’s ML-2545 is a fast mono laser printer available at a low price.

    15. Samsung SCX-3405W

      Samsung SCX-3405W

      Price as reviewed £143.00
      29 Feb 2012
      Our rating:

      A small, neat, mono laser all-in-one with easy, direct wireless print and useful eco-mode.