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  1. Samsung NC10 - 10.2in Netbook

    Samsung NC10 - 10.2in Netbook

    Price as reviewed £299.99
    17 Nov 2008
    Our rating:

    Samsung's NC10 is the best netbook money can buy. Read the review to find out why!

  2. Samsung RV720

    Samsung RV720

    Price as reviewed £406.16
    23 Sep 2011
    Our rating:

    Want a large laptop without the large outlay? Samsung’s cheap but cheerful 17.3in effort comes highly recommended.

  3. Samsung N110 - 10.2in Netbook

    Samsung N110 - 10.2in Netbook

    Price as reviewed £349.00
    8 May 2009
    Our rating:

    Samsung unleashes the successor to the outstanding NC10, the N110.

  4. Samsung Series 5 535U3C 8

    Samsung Series 5 535U3C

    Price as reviewed £469.97
    16 Nov 2012
    Our rating:

    A slim, sleek Ultrabook rival at a low price thanks to AMD innards.

  5. Samsung N210 - 10.1in Netbook

    Samsung N210 - 10.1in Netbook

    Price as reviewed £279.41
    23 Mar 2010
    Our rating:

    Samsung has given its netbook range a Pine Trail refresh, starting with the N210.

  6. Samsung N510 - 11.6in nVidia ION Netbook

    Samsung N510 - 11.6in nVidia ION Netbook

    Price as reviewed £399.99
    28 Oct 2009
    Our rating:

    We've seen the power of nVidia's Ion in a nettop, now Samsung brings it to a netbook as well.

  7. Samsung N120 Netbook

    Samsung N120 Netbook

    Price as reviewed £356.97
    9 Jun 2009
    Our rating:

    Samsung brings yet another contender to the netbook arena.

  8. Samsung Series 3 NP300E5A

    Samsung Series 3 NP300E5A

    Price as reviewed £399.99
    5 Dec 2011
    Our rating:

    At under £400, with an attractive design, ribbed lid and matt 15.6in screen, is this the ultimate budget laptop?

  9. Samsung NF210

    Samsung NF210

    Price as reviewed £271.13
    21 Oct 2010
    Our rating:

    With a unique, curvy design, dual-core Atom processor and long battery life, this netbook has no trouble standing out.

  10. Samsung N230

    Samsung N230

    Price as reviewed £328.82
    7 Oct 2010
    Our rating:

    This stylish netbook claims 13-hour battery life, but does it deliver?

  11. Samsung R530

    Samsung R530

    Price as reviewed £391.85
    16 Aug 2010
    Our rating:

    Less than £500 gets you this 15.6-inch laptop with 4GB RAM and a bountiful 500GB hard drive.

  12. Samsung NB30

    Samsung NB30

    Price as reviewed £324.48
    9 Jul 2010
    Our rating:

    Samsung gives this Intel Atom netbook a rugged edge.

  13. Samsung R730 - 17.3in Laptop

    Samsung R730 - 17.3in Laptop

    Price as reviewed £514.92
    11 Mar 2010
    Our rating:

    If you want a large, easy to use laptop on a budget, the R730 could be for you.

  14. Samsung X120 (JA01UK) - 11.6in CULV Laptop

    Samsung X120 (JA01UK) - 11.6in CULV Laptop

    Price as reviewed £469.69
    11 Nov 2009
    Our rating:

    Samsung's new X-Series range looks to rule the CULV segment like the NC10 did netbooks.

  15. Samsung R510 15.4in Notebook

    Samsung R510 15.4in Notebook

    Price as reviewed £489.70
    8 Sep 2008
    Our rating:

    Better than its recent predecessor in every way, but good enough?