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  1. RB7000

    Samsung RB41J7859S4

    Samsung sets the standard for fridge freezers

  2. Samsung RH57H90507F

    Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase

    This incredible fridge freezer has the features and finish to justify its eye-watering price tag

  3. Samsung RF24FSEDBSR

    Samsung RF24FSEDBSR

    Editor's Choice: A £2,000 fridge freezer that is worth every single penny

  4. RB38K 12

    Samsung RB38K Family Hub

    A fridge-freezer with serious smarts and cutting-edge cooling

  5. Samsung RB8000 5

    Samsung RB8000 Chef Collection

    An incredibly efficient alternative to a built-in fridge freezer

  6. Samsung RL60GZEIH

    Samsung RL60GZEIH

    A super-tall fridge freezer with a ton of cooling space

  7. Samsung RB5000 RB37J5330SA

    Samsung RB5000 RB37J5330SA

    A large, stylish fridge freezer with a massive fridge compartment

  8. Samsung RZ80FDMH

    Samsung RZ80FDMH

    The Samsung RZ80FDMH freestanding freezer features a 277 litre capacity and a selection of nifty functions including Fast Freeze technology.

  9. Samsung RR82FDMH

    Samsung RR82FDMH

    The Samsung RR82FDMH fridge pairs a large capacity with an A* energy efficiency rating and good looks.

  10. Samsung RSG5

    Samsung RSG5

    The Samsung RSG5 American style fridge freezer manages an A Class energy efficiency rating despite its massive 640 litre capacity.

  11. Samsung RSH7UN

    Samsung RSH7UN

    With a 535 litre capacity the Samsung RSH7UN American style fridge freezer is further enhanced by an integrated water and ice dispenser.

  12. Samsung_RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU

    Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU

    With more than a 500 litre capacity the Samsung RSH7ZNRS-1/XEU is a monster with an A* energy efficiency.

  13. Samsung RL37LGMH

    Samsung RL37LGMH

    The Samsung RL37LGMH partners a 286 litre capacity with an A* energy efficiency rating, perfect for small families or couples.

  14. Samsung RSH5UBBP

    Samsung RSH5UBBP

    The American style Samsung RSH5UBBP is a 540 litre capacity behemoth of the fridge freezer scene with an A* energy efficiency rating.