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Find reviews of the best Research In Motion mobile phones.

  1. RIM BlackBerry 8820

    RIM BlackBerry 8820

    Is this the best business phone on the market?

  2. Blackberry 8800

    Blackberry 8800

    The business email device gets a sleek makeover and some added GPS and video functions. Prepare for a whole new dose of Crackberry.

  3. BlackBerry Bold 9700

    BlackBerry Bold 9700

    BlackBerry's new flagship smartphone is definitely one to look out for.

  4. BlackBerry Bold 9000

    BlackBerry Bold 9000

    Can the latest BlackBerry fight off the every increasing and improving competition?

  5. RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120

    RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120

    RIM is clearly trying to cater for its business base and its consumer following. Does the Pearl 8120 satisfy both camps?

  6. BlackBerry Curve 8300

    BlackBerry Curve 8300

    BlackBerry has the consumer market in its sight with the Curve 8300. Does it hit the target?

  7. BlackBerry Bold 9900 8

    BlackBerry Bold 9900

    The perfect combination of touchscreen and physical keyboard? Read on to find out.

  8. BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

    BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

    The Pearl 3G is a BlackBerry without a QWERTY keyboard, but is that a good thing?

  9. BlackBerry Curve 8520

    BlackBerry Curve 8520

    The entry-level BlackBerry 8520 swaps the mini trackball for a new optical trackpad, and makes up for it small screen with an excellent physical keyboard.

  10. BlackBerry Curve 8900

    BlackBerry Curve 8900

    How does the latest addition to the Curve range stack up against its predecessors? Niall finds out.

  11. BlackBerry Storm

    BlackBerry Storm

    The Storm is the first ever touchscreen BlackBerry, but was it worth the wait?

  12. RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8220

    RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8220

    Flippin' heck, BlackBerry’s first flip phone has arrived, but is it any flippin’ good?

  13. BlackBerry Pearl

    BlackBerry Pearl

    Is the Pearl a jewel in the Blackberry email crown?

  14. BlackBerry 7130g

    BlackBerry 7130g

    The best BlackBerry handset that RIM has ever produced - simple as that.

  15. T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700

    T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700

    If you absolutely, positively MUST have your email on the move, you want one of these.