1. Pure Highway 300Di

    Pure Highway 300Di

    The Pure Highway 300Di brings DAB radio and iPod connectivity to almost any car stereo.

  2. Elite life

    Pure One Elite Series II

    For those times when a dinky radio won't rock you hard enough, there's the Elite Series II.

  3. Pure Evoke F3 3

    Pure Evoke F3

    The little DAB that wanted to rock

  4. Pure Evoke F4

    Pure Evoke F4

    An advanced streaming radio with classic looks.

  5. Pure Contour 100Di

    Pure Contour 100Di

    A compact and competent DAB radio and iPod/iPhone/iPad dock.

  6. Pure One Classic Series II

    Pure One Classic Series II

    Pure's bargain DAB unit, now updated with "listen again" recording.

  7. Pure One Flow 5

    Pure One Flow

    Going with the flow of Pure's latest radio is easy - it packs internet radio plus DAB/FM for under £100.

  8. Pure One Mini Series II

    Pure One Mini Series II

    Pure's baby DAB just got a face lift. Is this now the classiest sub-£50 radio?

  9. Pure Evoke H6 11

    Pure Evoke H6

    A new take on a DAB classic

  10. Pure Siesta S2 7

    Pure Siesta S2

    Bedside radios aren't dead yet

  11. Pure Jongo S3

    Pure Jongo S3

    A seriously versatile, seriously colourful wireless speaker.

  12. Pure Contour 200i Air 3

    Pure Contour 200i Air

    A simple, affordable AirPlay dock from the DAB radio diva Pure.

  13. Pure Siesta Mi Series 2

    Pure Siesta Mi Series 2

    A DAB radio alarm clock for under £35 from radio masters Pure.

  14. Pure Twilight

    Pure Twilight

    Radio, lamp and alarm clock all in one, the Pure Twilight could be the ultimate bedside gadget.

  15. Pure Pocket DAB 2000

    Pure Pocket DAB 2000

    Pure takes a second stab at DAB on the move with the Pocket DAB 2000, adding pause and rewind ability and MP3 playback into the mix. Is it enough to get the pulse racing?