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Best Pioneer Surround Sound Systems.

  1. Pioneer BCS-SB626

    Pioneer BCS-SB626

    The Pioneer BCS-SB626A is a discreet 2.1 soundbar system with 3D Blu-ray and DLNA.

  2. Pioneer VSX-520-K

    Pioneer VSX-520-K

    It may not be the best out there, but it's still a well-equipped AV receiver for a decent price.

  3. Pioneer LX03BD 5.1-channel Blu-ray System

    Pioneer LX03BD 5.1-channel Blu-ray System

    The Pioneer LX03BD Blu-ray system doesn't come cheap, so Danny finds out if it's worth it.

  4. Pioneer DCS-580 DVD Home Cinema System

    Pioneer DCS-580 DVD Home Cinema System

    Pioneer's DCS 580 system isn't quite as good as its LX01, but then it is almost four times cheaper.

  5. Pioneer DV-410V DVD Player

    Pioneer DV-410V DVD Player

    Introducing Pioneer's DV-410V - proof that the humble standard-def DVD player lives on!

  6. Pioneer DCS-370 - 5.1-Channel Home Cinema System

    Pioneer DCS-370 - 5.1-Channel Home Cinema System

    Bringing video and audio prowess to an affordable price point...

  7. Pioneer SBX-N700

    Pioneer SBX-N700

    A feature-packed network soundbar with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and YouTube

  8. Pioneer BCS-323

    Pioneer BCS-323

    An affordable 5.1 surround sound system with decent features

  9. Pioneer BCS-707

    Pioneer BCS-707

    Provided you leave your audiophile aspirations at the door, the BCS-707 is a respectable Blu-ray system.

  10. Pioneer BCS-303

    Pioneer BCS-303

    It may not be dazzling in terms of looks, features or sound quality, but it's a dependable, good value Blu-ray system.

  11. Pioneer HTP-SB300 Soundbar

    Pioneer HTP-SB300 Soundbar

    Does this soundbar make a great alternative to a full home cinema system?

  12. Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-ray Player

    Pioneer BDP-LX70 Blu-ray Player

    The quality is awesome but with a hefty price and a new Blu-ray spec requirement on the way, could this be a case of buy now regret later?