Find reviews of the best Philips TVs for Over £1200.

  1. Philips Cineos 42PFL9703D/10 42in LCD TV

    Philips Cineos 42PFL9703D/10 42in LCD TV

    Philips’ latest picture processing engine joins forces with cutting edge LCD panel technology to spectacular effect!

  2. Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D/10 52in LCD TV

    Philips Cineos 52PFL9632D/10 52in LCD TV

    Bigger really is better when it comes to Philips' Cineos 52PFL9632D/10 LCD TV.

  3. Philips 901F OLED

    Philips 55POS901F OLED TV

    OLED meets Ambilight to glorious effect.

  4. Philips 65PUS7601

    Philips 65PUS7601

    Excellent 4K and HDR performance for less

  5. Philips 65PFL9708S

    Philips 65PFL9708S

    Philips delivers the biggest UHD/4K bargain yet

  6. Philips 55PFL8008

    Philips 55PFL8008

    Philips' flagship HD TV lives up to its premium status

  7. Philips 46PFL8008

    Philips 46PFL8008S

    Philips' latest high-end TV comfortably keeps up with the Joneses.

  8. Philips 55PFL7007T

    Philips 55PFL7007T

    Philips continues to impress with its latest TV giant.

  9. Philips 46PFL9707

    Philips 46PFL9707

    Philips' new Moth Eye TV sets new picture standards. With 2D, at least...

  10. Philips 55PFL6007

    Philips 55PFL6007

    Philips' latest mid-range TV puts the company back on track.

  11. Philips 46PFL8007

    Philips 46PFL8007

    Philips returns to the TV fray in spectacular fashion with this high-end LED offering.

  12. Philips 50PFL7956T

    Philips 50PFL7956H

    Philips attempts to make its 21:9-ratio TVs more mainstream with a set that also marks the brands’ first foray into passive 3D technology

  13. Philips 46PFL9706T
  14. Philips 40PFL9705H

    Philips 40PFL9705H

    Yes, it's flawed. Yes, it's fiddly. But thankfully Philips' 40PFL9705H is nonetheless pretty damn great if you treat it right.

  15. Philips Cinema 21:9 58PFL9955H/12

    Philips Cinema 21:9 58PFL9955H/12

    This 58in widescreen telly is one of the best LED LCD TVs we've ever reviewed.